Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have a new post! Yea, I'm so proud of myself! It has been a challenge to post consistently but I think now that I have a new camera and know what I'm doing, I can do this more often. So don't give up on looking at this blog!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One of my best friends, Megan Galbraith, graduated last week with her Bachelors degree in Social Work. She is pregnant with her first child and she just moved into a brand new home. Does that seem right on track or what? The rest of us surrounding her, choose to take paths that are a little more distracted :) She is such a good example! We are proud of you Meg!

Provo Cheer Team

I've been coaching Provo High Cheerleading for the last few months and I thought I'd post a couple of pictures from our car wash we had. These girls are so fun and I've really enjoyed my coaching experience so far. It has been awesome! I'm sure you can tell from the pictures that they're hard workers and a good group of girls - all 38 of them!

Future Olympian

I'm not saying this just because the Olympics are going on but I seriously think Maylee has a chance of winning the gold. This girl is one tough cookie who loves to go upstairs in Sunni's room and climb on her bunk bed. She pulls her self up and loves it. This can't be normal! Is my girl special or what? hee hee

I don't know if you can see it, but Maylee got this goose head from hitting her head on the corner of a drawer. On that same day she had two face plants from falling off the chair and tripping over my feet. On top of that, we went outside to play and she touched a slide that was way hot and let out a sad confused screech. Poor girl, she was having a clumsy, not-so-lucky day!
Maylee loves to give kisses! She is such a busy body always on the go, but takes time to snuggle too. Every morning after she wakes up, I snuggle with her in my bed and she puts her little arm behind my neck and we just lay there smiling at each other. It is my favorite time of the day.