Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello everybody! Sure has been awhile :) I'm a once-a-month blogger - that is all I can handle! So deal with it :)
Here is the update:
Maylee and I are still living in Lehi and loving life. I'm going to summer school at UVU and still coaching cheerleading and teaching dance. We are quite busy but love every minute. More pictures are coming! It'll just take me month to get it together :) Love you all!

St. George Cousin trip!

Sadie Bug and Maylee Moo walking home from church!

My favorite picture! This is Maylee's bed head every morning!

Maylee's first Rodeo, my second and Jon attends quite frequently

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm 24 years old!
Here is how the big day went...
B ouquet of red roses were delivered at midnight from my friend Curtis. He wanted to give the first gift!
I enjoyed a delicious breakfast made by Lori - German pancakes.
Received a lot of texts saying Happy Birthday. I felt super special!
Talked on the phone with JanaRae, my bestie.
Heard my fans scream "Go miss Vicki" a hundred times every time I was on stage.
D itched my school class for Dress Rehearsal. My dance concert was the same week.
Ate a lot of the peanut butter/chocolate cake Lori made for me.
Yerda had a great birthday. Thanks ya'll for making me feel loved!

I never blogged Maylee's two year old birthday March 31, 2009.

aylee loves eating eggs for breakfast.
Ask Maylee a question and she'll say "I don't know" then she'll answer it right after. Interesting.
You will smile when you see the way Maylee plays with her baby dolls.
Look at Maylee's hair! It is finally growing!
Everytime we pass the hospital or hear a siren she says "my daddy's work". Smart girl!
Even though I love to snuggle with her, she is such a wild sleeper! She'll scratch, kick, talk ect.

Just in case you are wondering - Maylee is potty trained!
One time I said to Maylee "Come here little princess" and she gave me a confused look saying "I'm not a princess, I'm a monkey baby."
Yesterday I kissed Maylee and she grabbed my face with her little hands and said "I love you Mom." My heart melted. I love being a mom to this beautiful child.

I love the Dominican Republic