Thursday, May 28, 2009

I never blogged Maylee's two year old birthday March 31, 2009.

aylee loves eating eggs for breakfast.
Ask Maylee a question and she'll say "I don't know" then she'll answer it right after. Interesting.
You will smile when you see the way Maylee plays with her baby dolls.
Look at Maylee's hair! It is finally growing!
Everytime we pass the hospital or hear a siren she says "my daddy's work". Smart girl!
Even though I love to snuggle with her, she is such a wild sleeper! She'll scratch, kick, talk ect.

Just in case you are wondering - Maylee is potty trained!
One time I said to Maylee "Come here little princess" and she gave me a confused look saying "I'm not a princess, I'm a monkey baby."
Yesterday I kissed Maylee and she grabbed my face with her little hands and said "I love you Mom." My heart melted. I love being a mom to this beautiful child.


Anna said...

There is no one cuter than Maylee Joy...Thanks for letting us spend so much time with her and enjoying her so much.

dd said...

Very Cuite!